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The Crackskittle Gang

GERNADES and purdy ladies!

The Crack Skittle Monkey Gang
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The Crack Skittle Monkey Gang is a bunch of close friends who met through the teevee show Farscape. We became close friends and eventually started our own (private!) irc channel on the irc.scifi.com server. SciFi contracted a terrible case of craniorectal inversion and underhandedly killed their chat server, after which we found a new home elsewhere.

This community was created because almost all of us have an LJ and we wanted a place to herd here. It's used for announcements, for when one of us can't get on IRC or an IM, or if someone just wants to post a rant. Or whatever. Like... lesbian orgies. But those don't happen often. Really. ¬_¬

[OFFICIAL DECREE: The Lasagna Taco shall henceforth be the official ethnic food of Ninjapornia! Other ethnic foods of #nhp-ia are the Dead Baby Cake, Big Gay Cupcakes, and of course Crack Skittles.]

If you would like more information about Ninjapornia, and/or wish to inquire about immigrating, please to be visiting the Ninjapornia Island wiki.

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