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#NHP fambly picture / avatars
by ·· Minerva Maharet ·· (chianagirl)
at October 19th, 2007 (09:19 pm)

#NHP PEOPLESES LISTEN UP. Some of us are remaking our avatars to reflect updateyness, or whatever.

The url is: http://avatar.yahoo.co.jp

Directions: Click the second tab. When that page loads, the kanji in the righthand column link to different areas; hair, face, clothing, etc. When you finish, hit printscreen, save as a PNG (so there won't be any weird runaway pixels or colour distortion), and either filesend to me over aim or yahoo, or e-mail image to me at chi@girlgerms.net plzkthx. Pets and accessories are fine, just don't use a background in the avatar image that you send to me.

I'll be rearranging/adding/removing people from the group 'photo' as necessary because of various changes until about... let's say midnight when it clicks over to Sunday.

(Also, I've offered in channel to photoshop the hair if you find a style you like with the colour wrong. Just let me know if you want me to, and give me something to go by for colour.)

eta: And since Hyper always refuses to make his own, he's going to be a pretty pretty princess in the comm header. :)