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Hippie Geek Girl [userpic]
thought you guys would appreciate this ;)
by Hippie Geek Girl (gypsyjr)
at December 9th, 2002 (07:37 pm)

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Is 'fucking' a french word? (no, of course not, I'm being facetious). I'm sure that we've tried to establish the etymology of 'fuck' before.
I had been told that it stood for 'fornicate under consent or command of the king' and that it was an edict that stood under some King of the British Empire (Henry? Pablo? Dave?). Althought there's the Van Halen, 'for unlawful carnal knowledge', which also seems to have a certain etymological elegance to it.
Or maybe it came about in a British pub at some point when someone had way too much to drink and they sat back and said 'fuuuuckkkk' and it just sounded so appropriate that everyone started saying it. 'Fuck' definitely sounds best when said in a pub with a British accent.
And 'fuck' in the UK seems to be a fairly benign word. As in 'fuck me, mate, I'm pissed' (translation-I'm stunned at how drunk I've become). Such a small word with so much resonance. 'Fuck' also has a certain charm when delivered with a thick Brooklyn accent, as in 'fuck youuuu'.