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·· Minerva Maharet ·· [userpic]
by ·· Minerva Maharet ·· (chianagirl)
at February 28th, 2012 (09:47 pm)

*Lymey post*

I know pretty much everyone here is on my personal LJ list, but I'm posting it here, too.

It turns out that Fraggle and Kyle are the only ones of us who will be able to be there for the arrangements. The viewing, funeral, and all. Because of this, we're gathering donations to buy a really, awesomely nice plant that Fraggle can take home with her after the services. Even if you can afford only a dollar or two, it would be a help. If you're too strapped to donate, that's fine, too. Trust me, we understand how poor the #nhp-ians are. If you can donate, please click the PayPal button below. I'll be ordering early in the morning, so this offer closes at 6.30am cst.

If there are any #nhp friendlies out there who I don't have on my list here and you do, please, boost the signal. I'm leaving this unlocked so anyone who wants to share the button can do so.

ETA: The plant's been ordered and should be on its way this afternoon. No more donations needed - we got plenty to cover a beautiful plant. If any come in that go over, I can send refunds or send them to Fraggle to cover expenses that will come up in arrangements, with pet expenses, etc.

·· Minerva Maharet ·· [userpic]
#NHP fambly picture / avatars
by ·· Minerva Maharet ·· (chianagirl)
at October 19th, 2007 (09:19 pm)

#NHP PEOPLESES LISTEN UP. Some of us are remaking our avatars to reflect updateyness, or whatever.

The url is: http://avatar.yahoo.co.jp

Directions: Click the second tab. When that page loads, the kanji in the righthand column link to different areas; hair, face, clothing, etc. When you finish, hit printscreen, save as a PNG (so there won't be any weird runaway pixels or colour distortion), and either filesend to me over aim or yahoo, or e-mail image to me at chi@girlgerms.net plzkthx. Pets and accessories are fine, just don't use a background in the avatar image that you send to me.

I'll be rearranging/adding/removing people from the group 'photo' as necessary because of various changes until about... let's say midnight when it clicks over to Sunday.

(Also, I've offered in channel to photoshop the hair if you find a style you like with the colour wrong. Just let me know if you want me to, and give me something to go by for colour.)

eta: And since Hyper always refuses to make his own, he's going to be a pretty pretty princess in the comm header. :)

Ms Fruity Oaty Bar [userpic]
Really sick of Hyper today.
by Ms Fruity Oaty Bar (eryntzun)
at January 1st, 2005 (06:19 pm)
pissed off

current mood: pissed off
current song: Dogma

I'm in #farscape on the server until I feel in the mood not to kick his ass.
I don't need PMS to be angry at the son of a bitch for being such a jerk.

Ms Fruity Oaty Bar [userpic]
Take a poll, and smack Hyper with it!
by Ms Fruity Oaty Bar (eryntzun)
at December 29th, 2004 (01:23 pm)

Poll #410171 Is Hyper a Fuck Wad or a Fuck Gob?

Is Hyper a Fuck Wad or a Fuck Gob?

Fuck Wad.
Fuck Gob.
These names are too good for him.
We will not entertain it with a vote either way.

Ms Fruity Oaty Bar [userpic]
by Ms Fruity Oaty Bar (eryntzun)
at September 15th, 2004 (12:25 am)

current mood: calm
current song: lovely Fable theme

If someone who visits Chorn would invite Rex, that would be cool.  Feel bad leaving him there with those Nimrods. lol
Anyone object?

Ms Fruity Oaty Bar [userpic]
by Ms Fruity Oaty Bar (eryntzun)
at September 13th, 2004 (11:18 pm)

current mood: crazy

Welcome gypsyjr to the gang, why she wasn't here before I dunno. lol

Ms Fruity Oaty Bar [userpic]
Another joiner we doesn't deserve to have to put up with Chorn
by Ms Fruity Oaty Bar (eryntzun)
at May 20th, 2004 (10:41 am)

current mood: awake

Okay I'm talking to One right nowin AIM. I was wondering if it would be okay to invite him to the new server?
Votes please! :)

D.J. [userpic]
by D.J. (dainichijess)
at September 27th, 2003 (04:04 pm)

Weee, lookit me I figured stuff out.
Kay, ChiChi, you couldn't do anything with Crackskittles because apparently LJ changed everything with system 2. The admin console doesn't work anymore, even for me, but in on the main page when I'm logged in as me, I have the option to edit all of my communities. (Which is a hell of a lot easier.)
So now, chianagirl, eryntzun, gibbynibblet, lyme, and palmetto can all post, are all members, and are all Maintainers. So if you want to add someone or do something to the community, you don't have to go track me down, you can do it yourself.

Clever Sleazoid [userpic]
by Clever Sleazoid (lyme)
at January 6th, 2003 (03:27 pm)
current mood: suspicious

Hey guys, do we know this person? They have a bunch of crackskittles person on their friends list, and I can't recognize them.
And I'm a paranoid fuck.

Hippie Geek Girl [userpic]
thought you guys would appreciate this ;)
by Hippie Geek Girl (gypsyjr)
at December 9th, 2002 (07:37 pm)

current mood: amused
current song: No Doubt - Underneath It All

the etymology of 'fuck'Collapse )

Barney And Friends
by Nibbletwars (gibbynibblet)
at September 22nd, 2002 (08:56 am)

current mood: loved
current song: Craig David - Walking Away

Woke up this morning with a hangover and turned on the tv. Barney and friends was on. I was pathetic enough to sit and watch it but when it got to the end it made me think of all you guys. My friends :)

"I love you.. you love me, we're a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. Won't you say you love me too."

I love you guys :)
John xxxx

by Nibbletwars (gibbynibblet)
at September 15th, 2002 (12:58 pm)

current mood: amused
current song: Linkin Park - And One

hrmm... what time is it right now in Japan???

Clever Sleazoid [userpic]
by Clever Sleazoid (lyme)
at September 10th, 2002 (06:05 pm)

current mood: irate

If zazu comes in, KICK ON SIGHT. and I'm talking about #nhp. This motherfucking asshat came into our room. He's a Scifri goon and he is an ASSHAT and I am pissed off and I wanna kill the motherfucker.

<17:50> * Joins: zazu (zazu@frbd.odmg.kthw.jzdt.this.chat.server)
<17:50> What do you want.
<17:50> * zazu sets mode: +o zazu
<17:50> Who is zazu?
<17:50> Excuse me, but can we help you?
<17:50> He works for scifi.

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<red fraggle>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

If zazu comes in, KICK ON SIGHT. and I'm talking about #nhp. This motherfucking asshat came into our room. He's a Scifri goon and he is an ASSHAT and I am pissed off and I wanna kill the motherfucker.

<17:50> * Joins: zazu (zazu@frbd.odmg.kthw.jzdt.this.chat.server)
<17:50> <Lyme> What do you want.
<17:50> * zazu sets mode: +o zazu
<17:50> <HyperKinetic> Who is zazu?
<17:50> <Lyme> Excuse me, but can we help you?
<17:50> <Lyme> He works for scifi.
<17:50> <Red Fraggle> yeah.
<17:50> <HyperKinetic> Ah, K
<17:51> <Lyme> And I would really like some answers, right now, as to why he's here
<17:51> <Red Fraggle> Me too.
<17:51> <Evan> Wouldn't we all?
<17:51> <HyperKinetic> Hrm
<17:51> <Evan> No disrespect intended, but is there a way you can confirm your identity as a SciFi employee, zazu?
<17:52> <HyperKinetic> Just in what capacity does zazu work for scifi?
<17:52> <Red Fraggle> Not sure, hyper
<17:52> <Lyme> Because you can be rest assured that I'm logging everything, and I would really, really, really like to kick you from this room
<17:53> <Red Fraggle> As would I
<17:53> <HyperKinetic> Major Hrm
<17:53> <Evan> Do a UCentral on him, Lymey.
* Looking up zazu user info...
<17:54> <Evan> Tell me what you see in the User Status box.
<17:54> <Evan> "Normal User"
zazu is zazu@frbd.odmg.kthw.jzdt.this.chat.server * admin
zazu using events.scifi.com events.scifi.com
zazu has been idle 1min 23secs, signed on Tue Sep 10 17:49:34
zazu End of /WHOIS list.
<17:55> <Dainichi> ...what happened here?
<17:55> <Red Fraggle> Long annoying sotyr, dain
<17:56> <Lyme> This is a private room. We don't want you here.
<17:56> <Evan> Do be as kind as to give us a reason for your being here.
<17:56> <Dainichi> Hrm, I should reinstall my auto-Op scripts, shouldn't I?
<17:56> <Lyme> prolly.
<17:56> <Lyme> We are once again, asking you to leave.
<17:57> <Lyme> In no uncertain terms
<17:57> <Red Fraggle> that'd probly be a good idea, dain
<17:57> <Lyme> this is a private room, so scat
<17:58> * zazu was kicked by Lyme (No loitering)
<17:58> <HyperKinetic> LOL
<17:59> * Lyme sets mode: +l 5
<17:59> <Evan> Gave him a healthy eight minutes to leave.
<17:59> <Dainichi> Just cuz his Whois ident said admin doesn't mean he actually is an admin.
<17:59> <Red Fraggle> you set him +b too?
<17:59> <Lyme> Gave him a fucking lifetime.
<17:59> <Lyme> I couldn't deop him. I tried.
<17:59> <Lyme> It kept saying that I wasn't an IRCop
<17:59> <Lyme> so I'm assuming the admin status was for real
<17:59> <Evan> ...ow.
<17:59> <Red Fraggle> probably
<18:00> <Evan> OW.
<18:00> <Evan> FUCK.
<18:00> <Red Fraggle> Ow?
<18:00> <Lyme> And it's the same ip letters that he was using before.
<18:00> <Evan> What the hell's wrong with my arm?
<18:00> <Red Fraggle> ...nerve firing?
<18:00> <HyperKinetic> It's gonna fall off, Evan
<18:00> <Dainichi> To my knowlage, the only admin/IRCop authorized for this server is Barb, and on occasion Bouncer and a Mod.
<18:00> <Red Fraggle> Dainichi, that's a scifi employee
<18:00> <Evan> Feels like... I'm not sure.
<18:00> <Dainichi> But Bouncer is a random person employed/deployed in emergincies.
<18:00> <Red Fraggle> he's been fucking with us all day

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